At Highland Residential and Commercial Roofing, quality and experience matter. There is a science to roofing that can make the difference between a simple covering over your head and good quality, built-to-last roof. We hand nail our roofs.
According to tests, the pounds of pressure required to remove hand nails is much higher than that required by pneumatic (or air) nailers. Roofing is waterproofing. We provide you with the highest quality roofing materials, starting with what’s under the shingles.
As you talk to contractors and companies about repairing or replacing your roof, please be careful about whom you choose. In the aftermath of storms, many people are out to make quick money with inferior products and services.
Many contractors treat roofing as a labor trade when it is actually the science of waterproofing. They consider it a way to pay their bills, not as a project with long-term value for you, the client. Speed is their highest priority, not high quality components or the small steps incorporated into the process that are SO important. This industry, in general, often takes advantage of consumers and their lack of knowledge in the process.
We hope to help you understand that your diligence and decisions concerning the real science of roofing and waterproofing are worth your time to think about before deciding.
Ask questions. Do they have a website where you can look at previous jobs? Do they carry liability and workman’s comp insurance? Do they belong to a roofers’ association or the BBB, where you can look at their qualifications and reviews? If they don’t offer this information, request it.
We at Highland Residential and Commercial Roofing have a qualified and stable staff that will show up when we say we will, answer any questions you might have, and always have a foreman onsite to respond to your needs.
We offer 5 different price tiers to fit any budget—from basic to superior roofs that will hold up under the worst conditions in storm-prone areas that see hurricanes, hail, or tornadoes.