I am very satisfied with Highland Roofing. They were prompt, they were professional, they did the work within the period they said they would, and they did a good job.
Olivia B.
When Highland Roofing answered my request for an estimate for my beach home, I realized I used to go to church with Tim and he knows some of my children. I was very satisfied with Highland Roofing’s work. They were very professional and done in a day and a half. I have other properties and I will definitely call again for my roofing needs!
June C.
I live in California but trusted Highland Roofing to oversee repairs on my rental property in North Carolina. I had a good experience and recommend their services.
Timothy C.
We had our entire roof, a 4,200 sq. ft. house, replaced by the Highland team in April of this year. The quality of their work is exceptional and the experience in working with them leading up to and during the process was terrific. They advertise that they "hand nail" all tiles rather than using "staple guns" and is in fact the case. We can understand why they have been successfully in business for over 30 years.
William B.
I was pleased with the quality of the workers and their skill in applying the various components of the roof. It was clear to me that they took pride in their work and they smiled when I said that looks very nice. The final roofing job looks very nice; you can see quality workmanship but is it waterproof? Not long after the roof was finished, we had inch after inch of rain on multiple occasions, not a drop of water inside our house from roof area, the roof is waterproof.
Tom T.
You are always apprehensive when contractors work on your home. Will they damage anything, clean up, do a neat job, protect plants and shrubs? They did everything exactly as you would hoped they would. Used protective covers, raked the yard, used a magnet and picked up fallen nails, carried away all trash. The roof looks great, the best in the neighborhood. Would recommend Highland Residential Roofing for any roofing needs. Very friendly, professional, courteous, on time.
Richard S.
When I had a roof that was leaking, Highland Residential Roofing was the first place I called. They showed up on time and completed the work at a very good price. We are super excited with the craftsmanship and professionalism that the crew showed while completing the job on time. The roof looks Awesome and no more leaks!
S. B.
Foreman was on the job site throughout our project and when there were issues he was quick to follow up and fix anything we needed to be done. His team was fast and discrete which was something we needed working with a Daycare!
Had my roof replaced by Highland Roofing. Very pleased with the work done. Reasonable rates. I did have to wait a while before the job was started, but it was completed quickly. Very professional. Would recommend to others.
I have used Highland Roofing twice. They were already working on other areas of my home when we discovered a leak with my roof. We knew we needed work on the chimney, so they were able to incorporate both jobs in a timely manner. The job was quick and clean. However, the second time I used Highland Roofing was a different matter. On a rainy Sunday early evening, I discovered water coming out of a vent in the half bathroom ceiling. I called them at 6 pm and someone was at our home by 6.15 pm. They confirmed the water was coming from the roof (we have a roof with many angles). It was forecasted for a storm on Monday afternoon. They were able to organize a team to be at our home on Monday morning and complete the work before the storm. I have been happy with Highland Roofing's work.
I was wary about meeting the roof man thinking he was going to rob my bank and still leave the problem unsolved. Turned out he was very courteous and knowledgeable and explained why I needed or didn't need certain repair to my roof. His suggestions actually help me save money on the electricity bill. The crew came on time, cleaned up well after themselves and finished the job as promised. No more leaks and flaming attic!!! It was a pleasant experience altogether.
Money matters especially when you're retired, however quality matters more. We wanted this done the right way with the right materials with the right installers. He explained what needed to be done and in most cases why he would choose to do it that way. I did my research on line and he didn't miss anything that I was looking for. We have a large house with a complicated roof. 7 men showed up to do the job and they were beyond our expectation. They were professional, polite, and extremely hard working. A foreman was on the job the whole time and had what appeared to be a great relationship with the guys working for him. We are very pleased with the job and with Highland Residential Roofing. I would highly recommend this company. They listened to our concerns and worked with us to the end.